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Website Credits

The Fed Uni Live Website wouldn’t have been able to occur and run without a number of people. We would like to thank them for their support and contribution towards the Fed Uni Live Course.

Cohen Lewis

Cohen Lewis was the driver behind the website originally in 2012. He approached the course co-ordinators with the idea of creating a course orientated Website with the latest content and information. The course did have a website, but was very old, outdated and needed a face lift. Since the creation and the beginning of the website Cohen has paid for the website hosting and domain costs. Although he is no longer a student of the Fed-Uni Live course, he continues to support the website with updates and modifications as well as covering any website hosting costs associated.

Andrew Hill

In 2014, Andrew Hill assisted with the operation and the administration of the website to assist Cohen with the duties. Andrew modified and updated the websites content and posted the Fed Uni Live events on the website.

Rex Hardware

Rex Hardware is one of the course co-ordinators and without his approval or support, the website wouldn’t have happened or continue to happen. Most of the website content is provided and approved by Rex. He runs many of the social media and online media content for the Fed-Uni Live Course.

C. & M. Photography

C. & M. Photography by Cohen Lewis & Morgan Coates have kindly provided their photography services in 2014. C. & M. Photography provided services for the large crew photography and some behind the scenes action of the students.  Check out their Facebook Page & website for further information and examples of their services – &

Previous Domain Names

Over the number of years, this website has a had a number of domain names: